A Life Of Meaning for all đŸŒŸ

What if everyone could discover their own purpose in life?

Finding purpose in our lives is perhaps the greatest human quest. It is a recurring theme throughout our life, largely because our specific purposes may change – or at least be carried out differently – in varying stages of our lives. Exactly one year ago I left on an adventure to discover the purpose of my own life. I took a leap of faith, quit my job, and went away to a beautiful island in the Philippines, where I discovered my true purpose.

As a result of this adventure my life has drastically improved in every possible way. I now have financial freedom and a clearly articulated purpose. I learned that if you trust in God you can step into the full potential of who you are as a human being. I feel successful. I have everything I searched for and a personal level of satisfaction beyond what I thought possible. What’s the next step?


Purpose by itself is not a specific destination in time or space, but rather a state of being in which you are walking the path you were created to walk. Purpose by itself cannot be self-serving and cannot be articulated by our selfish desires but by the ability to love and consider others as more important than yourself. I believe our true purpose in life is to give our lives away to others, and that we receive happiness and meaningfulness in return. I now live to serve, and this brings me great fulfillment.

Important disclaimers before you read on! ⚠️

This will be my last post here. This blog has served its objective and now contains within it a great story to tell. A story that I enjoyed very much writing and that will serve as inspiration for many to come. My journey is divided in seven blog posts that took place in a single year. This is the order in which you should read them to live the adventure as it unfolded, chronologically.

  1. I’m moving away for a little while. Here’s why.
  2. The days before the island.
  3. The most beautiful island in the world, pt.1
  4. The most beautiful island in the world, pt. 2
  5. Closing deals in China
  6. Back home, starting a life of meaning
  7. A Life Of Meaning for all

This blog will be kept online forever, so if you feel like sharing it with someone else please do. I will continue with my vision of a better world on other avenues and know that you can always reach me directly at rodrigo@adventureandpurpose.com or through Facebook. I am not dissappearing, just giving closure to this website to focus my time on what you are about to read.

What is the purpose of MY life?

What you are about to read are my own beliefs. With the following paragraphs, I wish to openly share what I believe in rather than impose my own opinions onto others.

The purpose of every Christian is to glorify God. We were created according to his desire and our lives should be lived in such a way that we can accomplish the plan He has for us. More than a year ago I chose to lead a life of eternal honor and obedience to Him. However, the particular details of how I will accomplish that are entirely up to me. That is what free will is all about.


Putting the pieces together I understood that everything I lived on my journey didn’t happen for my own personal benefit but so that I could afterwards share it with everyone. This is what it’s all about. It was never about me.

My purpose is to guide as many people as I possibly can to achieve the same I did. My purpose consists on spreading a message of prosperity and abundance for everyone. To inspire those who believe the same that I believe to take action and to be a guide for those who don’t know yet what they believe, but yet are curious and eager for discovery. To be a light for others so that they can, through their individual journeys and in their own time, get to know Him the way that I did.

God gives special gifts and talents so that we can fulfill our purpose, but it is up to us to identify these gifts and make them stronger. Everyone has weaknesses, – especially me. I am impulsive, undecisive, chaotic, unorganized and impatient (and several others) but the trick consists on mainly focusing on your strengths and surrounding yourself with people who complement those weaknesses.

With the project we are revealing today I am happily putting back in God’s hands all the gifts and talents that he gave me in the first place.

Life Of Meaning – the FREE online platform for finding your individual purpose in life! 🌟

I envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by finding significance and purpose within their own journeys. I believe that everyone is entitled to be fulfilled by what they do, and I believe in a world of abundance. You can have the life you always dreamed of living, and I believe the Internet is the perfect tool for sharing this method.

Life Of Meaning (www.lifeofmeaning.com) is an online learning platform to teach anyone with an internet connection how to find meaning and purpose within their own lives. Think of it as platform very similar to “Duolingo”, with the main difference that while Duolingo teaches you new languages for free, – we teach you how to find the meaning of your life (also free of charge).


This new platform will be focused on three main courses, which can be taken together or independently from each other. Each part is divided into easy-to-follow steps so that they can be taken at any speed you want and anywhere you want.

Part # 1: Achieving financial freedom through e-commerce

People don’t really want to be millionaires. What they want is to experience what they believe only millions can buy. The vast majority of people will never find a job that can be an infinite source of fulfillment so that is not the goal here; to free time and automate income is. This part will provide a
 step-by-step blueprint for making money by selling your own products online, starting with Amazon’s marketplace and then expanding to other platforms. The goal of this part is to create freedom of time and place.


Life Of Meaning will not try to teach entrepreneurship, as I believe entrepreneurship can’t really be taught. A formula for teaching entrepreneurship cannot actually exist; since every innovation is unique by itself there is no possible way to teach how to be innovative. You can think out of the box and change the world later, but first, focus on putting your income on autopilot.

Part 2: Purpose and self-realization

Everyone has a deep desire to direct and steer their own lives, to expand their abilities, and to fill their lives with purpose. Are we contributing anything useful to this world, or just shuffling papers, banging on a keyboard, and coming home to a drunken existence on the weekends? We need our journey to mean something. We all want to escape the routine, the redundancy, the monotony of life


What is your cause? What is your belief? How do you envision the world around you? We need to focus on fulfilling our vision for the world. This part will teach you how to let your best qualities shine and experience meaningfulness through self-realization. 

Part 3: Personal relationship with God (Christ)

This part is for people wanting to deepen their connection to Christian spirituality, and interested in the benefits of living a blessed life close to Him. You will learn how to form an up-close and personal relationship with Christ and experience his power in your own life.


We know from science and psychology that people are unique. No one in the world is exactly like you. The fact that you exist is no accident and God was not forced to create you. He deliberately chose you and wants you to live joyfully, fulfilled, and close to Him. He knows His plans for you and is eager to reveal them if you were only to listen.

Uncovering your gifts and talents takes dedication and hard work. God’s gifts are freely given but it is our job to do the heavy lifting in order to identify and develop them. You will learn how to ask God to reveal His purpose for your life. And when you ask,  you will also learn how to listen to what He says.

The magic happens in the intersection! 🌟

Each of the three parts is important in its own, but all three are in fact deeply interconnected. There is tremendous overlap among them, and it’s in the intersection of them that exponential results can be achieved. Think of these three skills as a tripod upon which an extraordinary life is balanced. 
In my case, I discovered that a purpose-driven Christian with the money to fuel his vision of a better world is unstoppable.



Important disclaimer: This platform is being built on principles of faith, but you DO NOT need to be a Christian or share the same beliefs in order to participate. No part is mandatory, nothing is forced and everyone is welcome.

Meet the voyagers 😊🤔🤓😀🙂😝

How can a pensum for something as abstract as meaning be written? The first step was to prove that I could pass on my knowledge and experiences onto a few others so that they could be successful in their own journeys. We need to create a model that can be scaled infinitely without any human intervention.

Six entrepreneurs were chosen follow to step-by-step everything that I did on my personal journey with the goal of replicating it within their own lives. We are calling them the “voyagers”. * I first wrote they were our “guinea-pigs” but Mishel got really mad and made me change it 😂


For this model to be statistically accurate we needed to replicate the same conditions that I originally had, which are time, money and a drive.

Timeš. It took me six months to be generating enough passive income to have financial freedom. We hired our six voyagers away from their ordinary jobs and gave them a salary for six months so that they could be fully immersed in their individual journeys.

Money². I invested $10,000 from my personal assets in my business and I wanted them to have the same opportunity. I went fundraising and got each of them an investor, who wrote them each a check for $10,000 in exchange for equity in their new companies. The investors did not know in which voyager they were investing, and the voyagers did not know who their investor was (until later). I played cupid, matching them with personalities and backgrounds.

Drive³. The six voyagers were meticulously selected. This project needed individuals with a yearning desire to do great things, and a personality that could tolerate significant risk. These bold entrepreneurs see life for what it can be, rather than what it currently is. I made sure they came from different backgrounds, several age groups and different beliefs so that the data we collect through them along the way would be statistically significant.


What are we doing at the lab? ⚙📡🛠

We chose the name lab over “office” because it just sounds cooler. 😎

Our six voyagers are currently spending six months working full-time on their projects. They have been hired out from their ordinary jobs and will do this as their main activity.

They are not “learning” as a normal university would be, instead, they are having a hands-on approach on how to build their own businesses and discover their own purpose. Each of them will take those $10,000 and under my guidance³ develop their own brand, build their own line of products and bring them to market in record time.


Each voyager is living their own individual journey and we are there to document every moment of it. Think of these six months as a “reality show”, where the voyagers are the protagonists. We are taking pictures, audios, videos, screenshots, testimonials and more so that we can share it with the world afterwards.

Nothing will be sugar-coated. We are documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will tell the story exactly as it is, as it unfolds. Afterwards we will share their stories online using the Hero’s journey format which is an exciting way to tell a story. Check out this video that explains the Hero’s journey!

Maybe all six voyagers will be successful in their businesses or maybe some of them won’t. Maybe most will find their purpose and their path within God’s plan and maybe some of them won’t. And that’s perfect. In fact, as I have told them several times (and they don’t appreciate this too much), it would be good for some of them to fail so that the sample will feel like real life.

If one of them generates a great return of investment for their company, we will give details as to what made that particular business succeed. If another person loses money, we give insights into exactly what happened, so that others may learn from his mistakes and not trip over the same stone. After finishing the six months, we will have all the information required to build the platform and openly share with the world.


Timeline for the project: As of this writing (January 11th, 2017) we have been operating full-time for two months. Each voyager has chosen a brand name, a product line and designed 10 unique products to sell online. The investors’ money has already been spent. The products are currently being manufactured in China, and will begin to sell on Amazon in early March. The six months will finish on May. At that point, we will begin working on the platform.

How will everyone else learn all this?

We have divided every part into hundreds of easy-to-follow steps. The learning process will rely on gamification, which consists in making the learning process FUN through progress indicators and rewards when you complete a level or perform a challenge. Users will have access to leaderboards as well as bulletin boards should they wish to compete against each other, connect with like-minded people or ask for a lending hand if they are stuck on a level.


Users from around the world will be able to complete each step at their own rhythm and compare their own progress and results against the progress and results that each of the voyagers had at that same step, which will provide a human feel and sense of camaraderie. The goal is to make it feel as if the voyagers are actually guiding you through each step of your journey.

Launching this platform will be an ongoing process and not an event on its own. I want our efforts to endure, and doing so will require people all over the world to internalize our cause. I believe it is critically important for people to have access to this ever-expanding pool of knowledge, and therefore we will be disclosing all the channels on which this information will be available.


We chose the name Life Of Meaning because it has a tremendous potential to reach people all around the world. 15 Million people per month are looking on Google something in the tune of “what is the meaning of life”, “why am I here” “what is the purpose of all this?” Our goal is to be soon on the first results so that everyone can find the purpose of their own lives, – for free.

How will this platform make money?

It won’t. 
Life Of Meaning will be completely free, forever.

Most companies and organizations use sales and revenue as a sole metric for success when in reality there are much more important things to consider. This time around we will not focus on generating money but rather on making a difference. Instead of calculating revenue growth we will focus on the number of people whose lives we are able to impact.

How will the platform be able to operate without a revenue stream? We constantly meet people that have been inspired by our vision and are willing to lend us a hand, – whether by donation of funds for the development of the platform or providing us an asset we might need in a specific area. If you too wish to be a part of this movement, click here.


Why am I doing this? What’s in it for me?

One year ago I made a pact with God, and pacts can’t ever be broken. I promised that if He showed me the perfect path He had laid out for me and blessed it supernaturally, I would work for Him forever and put my entrepreneurial skills on His hands. He delivered, so I am doing the same.

Even though I am spending every waking hour in this project, I don’t get a salary or equity in the new companies. I don’t perceive comissions on sales or bonus for performance. I do all of this for free. I am doing what I preach can actually be done, which is to do something you really love for free because you are on the perfect path and the financial part is taken care of. In fact, it’s an honor to be able to lead this project.

Until very recently, the grand challenges of the world were off-limits to most. Historically, making an impact meant huge capital investment and infrastructure. Today, incredibly, the ability to play at large scale is not more than a few mouse clicks way. This unique opportunity should not be taken lightly and I believe this venture has a tremendous potential for doing good. This venture is going to be one of the most impactful things I do with my life. 

I am extremely thankful for the group of volunteers that came forward to help make this dream a reality. Life Of Meaning counts with an amazing team of mentors and advisors, creative directors, editorial experts, graphic designers and guest speakers from several industries, all whom have devoted their time and efforts to make this dream a reality without having any monetary gain. Thank you.

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me through this amazing journey. You know who you are, and my heart is forever grateful with all of you.

Talk soon,



šTime: It took me six months with a deep learning curve to achieve financial freedom. I lost money, got scammed, chose bad products, etc. The voyagers won’t fall into the same traps since I now can advise them better. They should, in fact, be at least twice as efficient as I was.
²Money: I know that it’s impossible to ask everyone to have $10K at hand to start. I am not saying this is a requirement but the reality of business is that you need money to make money. People with a lower (or higher) investment quota can extrapolate the results of having $10K to their own situation. We will also provide the necessary pitch decks and business model presentations so that people who don’t have the money by themselves can address the private market and raise their own funding.
³The voyagers have my undivided attention and full-time guidance so that they can minimize their risks of failure. I am helping them out for free, and do not hold equity in their companies nor will I receive any type of monetary remuneration.

Back home, starting a life of meaning đŸš€

My life has changed a lot this last year.

From the perspective of my friends and family, the transformation that I have experienced is extreme. One moment I was an overworked business owner and the next I was traveling around the globe on what seemed like a permanent vacation, working just a few hours from my computer and trying to find my purpose within God’s plan. This blog tells the story about how I went from being a non-believer to having a purpose-driven life in a few months.

I started this website to have a place to share my whereabouts while traveling and hopefully inspire other people to do the things that inspire them. However, this blog has shifted into something bigger, – a place where like-minded people get to connect with each other, share new ideas and work towards a common goal.


I came back to Guatemala 3 weeks ago. I have not updated this blog in a while because I have been busy meeting with people that have been inspired with what has been written here, and that want to replicate it on their own lives. My short-term goal is to help them (and anyone else that is willing to listen) in finding their own individual purpose in life.

How do I plan to do this? By helping them establish a passive income that will free them from the necessity of having to work 8-5, thus giving them the freedom to follow their individual passions (whatever they may be), and hopefully establishing their individual non-religiousš relationship with God along the way. Doing all this will help me practice for my own personal purpose, which I am currently working on and will reveal soon.

Untitled design (1).jpg

**Before you start reading: please know that since this blog is written chronologically, it’s better understood if you start from the first post and then move on upwards. I believe you will enjoy it better that way. Click here to see all the posts ordered chronologically from the bottom up.

This time around I will start by giving and update on the business (since lots of people have been asking about it recently) and then we will move over to the important stuff.

Our first products from China have arrived!🇨🇳

Our trip to China and Hong Kong was great. We had an amazing time and got to meet new providers for our online business. We were extremely excited when we received our new products, but a couple of weeks later we came to realize a hard truth to accept, – and that is that one of our product lines is a complete failure. It doesn’t sell well, we are having trouble finding the right keywords, and the competition on that particular market is fierce.

We perfectly understand the risk of doing business, so we continue with a positive attitude and move forward. I am a strong believer that leaders should not take credit when things go right if they are not willing to accept responsibility when things go wrong. Product line #2 and product line #3 are an instant success. In fact, by the time I am writing this we are already completely sold-out on every single unit of those two product lines and waiting for more inventory to be delivered.


Despite the setback described above our sales have continued to grow, slowly but steady. We are now having sales of $900 to $1,000 per day, which is an 80% increase from my last update two months ago. Things should continue to improve, with lots of new products being currently shipped and the upcoming Holiday season starting to show up. Seasoned Amazon sellers say that Q4 (October, November, December) account for nearly 60% of their total sales.

Sales amazon first months.jpg

**This is the last time that I will post a revenue update. I feel that I have successfully proven that this business model works, and from now on I will mainly focus on helping others achieving the same, thus keeping my personal revenue numbers to myself.

Something exciting to share is that we recently started selling in Canada 🇨🇦. We had our Chinese supplier send some of our inventory to Amazon’s warehouses in Ontario, where we have been getting some sales the last couple of weeks (in Canadian dollars). This means that the Amazon business model can be replicated throughout several marketplaces, and now we can easily begin selling in new countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Japan when we choose to do so.


As much as this business brings me excitement, money is only as good as the things you choose to do with it. I always try to keep in mind that this business is not a destination by itself, but a means to be able to do extraordinary things down the line.

Ask yourself this – what matters, really? 🤔

Superstar swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, nearly took his own life two years ago. After winning 21 gold medals and being hailed as one of the best athletes of all time, he was struggling with a void that was turning his thoughts to suicide. He simply felt empty on the inside.

Untitled design (1).jpg

“I was a train wreck. I was like a time bomb, waiting to go off. I had no self-esteem, no self-worth. There were times where I didn’t want to be here. It was not good. I felt lost.” Michael Phelps

While being on rehab for drunk driving and self-medication, a childhood friend gave him the book A Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren, which helped him overcome depression and find a meaning to his life. He told ESPN he now believes there is a power greater than himself and that there is a purpose for him on this planet.

His story is the perfect reminder that all the riches in the world don’t really shine if you believe that human goals and accomplishments are enough to satisfy you. Having money and fame are positive things, but again, – they are only as good as the things you choose to do with them.

“Money isn’t the goal; money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Have you ever seen someone play the board game Monopoly? People take it very seriously. When we play Monopoly we act as if we really owned the properties we are buying. All those houses and all that wonderful money, – we believe it really means something. Check out this video🏻 to see what I mean. 😳🏻

So you have to ask yourself, when you finally get the ultimate promotion, when you’ve made the ultimate purchase, when you buy the ultimate home, when you have stored up financial security and climbed the ladder of success to the highest rung you can possibly climb it and the thrill wears off… and it will wear off… Then what? How far do you have to walk down that road before you see where it leads? Surely you understand, it’ll never be enough. So you have to ask yourself the question: What Matters?

The way we see children play Monopoly is the way God sees us when we are playing the game of life. Some people use money and possessions as a way to keep score, when the truth is that nothing really belongs to us. Sure, we may acquire stuff for a while, but when we check out it all stays behind. It all goes back to the box.

How do you measure progress in your own life? What makes you feel successful and accomplished? Whichever your individual purpose may be, this is the most exciting time to be alive. Technology has given us more possibilities than ever before to create, to explore, – to dream beyond our wildest imagination. Things that were impossible before are suddenly within our reach, and some of the most adventurous humans are seizing this unique opportunity to push the human race forward..

The age of space travel has begun 🚀👽

For thousands of years, the story of humans and space has been the one of staring at the sky and wondering. The possibility of people leaving Earth and venturing into space has excited the human spirit of adventure for as long as we can remember. This year, a company named SpaceX announced the creation of the first-ever reusable rocket, thus making space traveling 99% cheaper. We will soon become a space-exploring civilization.

If you asked a child in 1495 what they wanted to be when they grew up, “an ocean explorer” would probably have been a common response. My generation (the millennials) will host the first ever space adventurers, a profession that will enable the human species to conquer other planets and go farther than we have ever gone before. But what will we find out there?

I have yet to determine which is more frightening; - the possibility that there may be other life in the universe, or the possibility that we are entirely alone..png

You know when you hear about humans of the past debating whether the Earth was round or if the sun revolved around the Earth or thinking that lightning happened because of Zeus, and they seem so primitive and in the dark? That’s about where we are on the topic of extraterrestrial life. And the thing is that there are only two possibilities: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally scary.

One of the most interesting articles I have read recently is the Fermi Paradox², which explains the contradiction between the high probability of extraterrestrial existence and the lack of contact with such civilizations. Here is a cool video that explains it. 👽

**As a side note, I believe there is no conflict between the possibility of alien life — even intelligent life — and the teachings of the Bible. This is not in contrast with my faith because I can’t put limits on God’s creative freedom. Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on Earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God.

We will soon experience what will be known as the greatest adventure of all time, – becoming a multi-planetary civilization. Learning this skill is vital to the future of our species since it will dramatically improve our chances of survival on the universe in the long-term, and we should all be rooting for it to happen sooner than later.

In the meantime, I’ll keep slowly discovering what’s currently at my reach.

Thoughts about Sri Lanka 👍🏻 and Indonesia 👎🏻

Sri Lanka is hands-down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. The country is extremely peaceful, the food is delicious (super spicy curries), and the people are extremely friendly. We got to wander through beautiful tea fields, ride on the back of elephants and once again found a beautiful cottage in front of the ocean. This beautiful island under India is a dream come true.

A strange thing is that there are lots of cows walking freely on the street. We asked about them and were told that some people go to the butcher, purchase “holy” cows for the sole purpose of releasing them. They get a mark on the ear so that they won’t be sold ever again. Interesting stuff.

Indonesia is one of the biggest Muslim countries in the world, and you experience this everywhere you go. People dress in hijabs, burqas, and cover their heads to achieve purity. You hear the sound of chanting inside mosques several times per day, and people pray on special rooms, -always facing the Mecca.


We have been traveling to some amazing places, – but Indonesia is not one of them. I felt like people were always trying to sell us things, sometimes in an abusive way. Maybe the cultural difference was too much for staying here for a long period of time, but we did not feel at home. Now that I am done complaining lets talk about some really important stuff.

How to receive (and keep) God’s blessing 🙏🏻✨

Last time I wrote about the importance of resting on Sundays and placing your trust in Him. Today I would like to share with you the biggest trick that makes God want to bless your life every day more: the blessings you receive must flow outwards. 

The Bible says that we are blessed not just so that we can feel good, not just so we can be happy and comfortable, but so that we will bless others. God promises that if we concentrate our efforts on blessing other people, He’ll take care of our personal needs and assume responsibility for our problems. That’s pretty cool since He is much better at handling our problems than we are. Here is what the bible says about this:

I guarantee this. Anyone who gives up anything for the kingdom of God will certainly receive many times more in this life and will receive eternal life in the next world to come. – Luke 18:30

Give away your life; and you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back – but given back with bonus and blessings. – Luke 6:38

god is good..png

I believe that God owns all the gold and diamonds in the world. I also believe that He can easily choose to make me a millionaire, – if doing so would make sense for Him. If I were to spend that money on parties and fast cars then maybe blessing me financially would not be such a good idea, – because it would not be of blessing to others. But if I used that same money to help other people, – if I used that same money to make this world a better, safer, happier place, – it would make sense.

Authenticity is more than speaking; it is about doing. Every time a purchase is made to one of our items, we donate a day’s worth of food to a hungry child in Malawi. Since my last post we have donated 564 days of food, and now every time I check to see how many sales we have made I think of how many hungry children we will be able to feed instead. 

Every decision we make says something about who we are and the things we believe.

How can you bless other people? You can do it in many ways including serving a need, whether it is physical or emotional support, financial help, or even practical advice. The best thing about this is that you literally cannot out-give God. The more you bless other people around you, the more God says, “Let’s play a little game to see who wins. Let’s see who can give the most. The more you bless others, the more I’m going to bless you in return.” The more we are blessed by God, the more He expects us to help others.

The thing is, much is required from the person to whom much is given.

What am I doing with my time? 😁

I believe that if you want to have an extraordinary and fulfilled life, what you do with your time and what you do for money should be two completely different thingsÂł. Now that having to wake up every morning to go fetch money is thankfully not an issue, I have the freedom to do whatever I want with my time.

I have been spending quality time with my friends and family, especially with my parents. I have also been reuniting and catching up with people that I have not seen for a long time, mostly because my tight working schedule did not previously allow me to.

forever free.png

At the same time, I am actively mentoring around 15 to 20 people in how the Amazon business works, so that they may also achieve the freedom and lifestyle that I propose (and have proven) is possible. I do not charge a fee for doing this, and do not plan on ever doing so. The truth is that I believe in abundance, and if I want to carry out my master plan I need to surround myself with like-minded with success stories under their belts to help me out.

I am staying on the path I chose to follow. I now have a goal, a plan, a direction, a mission, a purpose. But most importantly I am telling everyone that wants to hear, – that God is good.

Next step: working on the master plan ✨

Imagine a world where people wake up each day inspired and satisfied by the work they do, and return home at the end of the day feeling accomplished and proud of themselves. A world where people pursue their true passions and know for a fact that they are fulfilling God’s perfect plan for their lives, – a plan that is blessed and full of meaning. That is the world that I envision.

I traveled for almost 6 months, and now I’d like to stay in Guatemala for a while. I need to take a step back, be mindful of everything I have discovered and execute the project God has for me. I know this plan will succeed, and that it will have a positive impact on thousands of people.

happiness is habit.png

If you would like to help me, this is the time. I have a plan, but I can’t do it alone. If you believe what I believe, – and if you share my dream of helping others in finding their own individual purposes and helping them break free from the 9-5 lifestyle, send me an email.

I would love to tell you all about it.



¹Religiosity is an extreme or inappropriate devotion to the rituals and traditions of a religion, which sometimes give Christians a bad name. Example: when some people sin, they get told that by saying three Hail Mary’s their sins will be forgiven. Thus praying becomes a punishment, instead of the honor it really is.
²The Fermi Paradox was established by Enrico Fermi, the Nobel prizewinner who built the first nuclear reactor. Click here to read about it, interesting stuff!
ÂłUnless of course you are already fulfilled with the job and lifestyle you already have. I know that some people already possess this perfect lifestyle combination, although it is definitely a small minority.

Closing deals in China đŸ‡¨đŸ‡ł

Hello! Welcome to my personal blog, the place where I write about things that I believe are important to share with the people that matter the most to me.

The last month was spent in China finding new products for our online business, where we are creating a constant passive income that will allow us to live the life we want, without having to be attached to a job ever again. What I do with my time and what I do for money need to be two different things.

Most entrepreneurs I know constantly talk about how to build large and successful companies, sell out, and have the good life. Fair enough. The question no one really seems to be asking is, – Why do it all in the first place?

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I started this blog because I wanted to find my own purpose in life, – which I already did – and also because I’d like to inspire people around me to do the same. 

I believe that being happy and fulfilled is a right, and not a privilege. I believe life is not as hard as some people make it out to be. If this is your first time here know that it is my sincere wish that reading about my personal experiences will help bring you a little closer to that direction. And if by any chance you are already living the life you always dreamed of, I would love for you to shoot me an email so that we can learn from each other.  

So, lets get at it. This post will be about our experience in sourcing for new products on China to sell on Amazon.com 💰, applying God’s principles of rest and trust so that he gives you prosperity 🙏, and a poop story 💩 that led us to meeting our new team in China 👲👲. Let’s go!

The Great Firewall of China

There is something quite bizarre about landing in China and trying to use your phone. As soon as you take it you immediately realize something isn’t quite right, – not a single app works. Facebook is blocked. So is Google, – and there goes Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Maps. The first whole day was spent trying to find out how to find a stable Internet connection and how to bypass this horrible thing.

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Stomping over personal liberties and ruling by fear and forcefulness, the Communist Party of China has never been much about freedom of information. – The Huffington Post

We were able to download VPN’s for our phones, which disguises your mobile phone’s IP address and “tricks” the Chinese government into thinking you are actually in Japan. It works. The signal is horrible though, – and there is this constant feeling that you are somehow being watched 👀.

It is very easy to take liberty for granted when you have never had it taken away from you. We rarely appreciate our constitutional freedoms and liberty of speech until suddenly we don’t have them anymore. Being here showed me how easily our rights can change, and how fragile our freedom really is.

Five days in the Canton Fair

Picture in your mind a huge stadium big enough to fit 30,000 people. Now imagine that same stadium is being used to display thousands of small retail stands, – all of them selling kitchen-related products. Well, the Canton Fair has 8 “stadiums” selling kitchen-related stuff, and the same amount destined for toys, garden, furniture, cosmetics, gifts, bathroom, and many more categories. It took us a whole week to scout the whole fair.

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It is exciting to choose products from an almost infinite selection of possibilities. Having this responsibility made me wonder would happen if we would choose poorly, – that would definitely impact the plan for my life. So that means that with every decision made I am actively writing my future. Or is it already written but I just can’t see it?

I don’t know the answer (let me give you a little secret: I don’t know the answer to most things 😄), but in cases like these is when extra help comes in handy. Having faith that you are doing things for the right reason makes everything fall into place. You just have to focus on doing the right thing, – and the rest will follow.

A poop story 💩

On the last day of the fair, we were offered a city tour sponsored by the fair’s organizers, which took us to several places in Guangzhong including a big flea market. I’ve always had a healthy metabolism, – I normally poop once a day – and have no problem going anywhere. So I went inside the flea market’s public bathroom 🚽.

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Inside I saw something that would haunt my dreams forever. I saw a straight line of eight Chinese men, all crouched next to each other, pooping into a canal on the ground, – with no walls in between them. Shocked but completely unembarrassed I squatted right next to them and did the same thing, scratching one thing off the bucket list of things I would never have expected to have done 😬.

Then the most horrible thing happened. I opened the faucet to clean my hands but no water came out from it, – the faucet was broken. To my mind came the 1,825,482 Chinese men that had pooped in the same place and had also touched the same broken faucet with dirty hands, – so I ran to the nearest store to buy some bottled water to wash my hands with before my hand would fall off.

Why am I telling you this story? Steve Jobs famously said you can’t connect the dots looking forward; only looking backwards. You have to trust in something, and trust that the dots will somehow connect in your futureš.


On the same store where I bought the water were two Argentinians, who were astonished about how someone would buy bottled water to clean his hands. That peculiarity made us strike a lengthy conversation that eventually led to us explaining our business model. They were fascinated.

As we shared knowledge on several subjects with our new friends Roberto and Luis, they told us that they too came to China for the Canton Fair, but that their main destination was Yiwu, an enormous permanent market near Shanghai.

They told us Yiwu was perfect for our Amazon business model because they sell the same products that the Canton Fair does, but without the high MOQ (minimum order quantities). That meant we would be able to purchase a wider variety of products for the same amount of money, therefore minimizing our risk by diversifying more.

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Suddenly Luis shouted at the top of his lungs in his thick Argentinian accent “I tell you now Rodrigo, this 23rd of May at 2:32PM, that in one year, 95% off your business will come from Yiwu!” and !BAM💥! slammed the table with his palm.

We decided to skip the last phase of the Canton Fair and take a bullet-train to Yiwu, located 6 hours away from Guangzhong, deeper into China.

Meeting out partners from the other side of the world

To be honest I was a little scared to come to this place since we heard no one over here spoke English, and it was a big deviation from the original plan. When a decision feels right we have a hard time explaining why we did what we did, but the underlying belief in something bigger and better made the decision to come to this place an easy one to make.

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Here we struck a deal with a Chinese “agent” company, whose service is to make business easier for white people. Yes, over here they refer to me as that. Our agent keeps a small percentage (roughly 2%) of the money we spend buying goods for export, and in exchange they provide the following services:

They pick you up from the station 🚅. Book you a hotel and take you there 💤. Pick you up every morning to go to the market 🚗. They spend the whole day with you looking for products 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. They translate every question you have for everyone 🉐. They negotiate the best price with possible providers 💵. Take note and pictures of every single product you saw 📷. Send you an Excel with everything at the end of the day 📑. Do the same for 5 days straight 🙇🏻. Take you back to the train station 🚅.

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After you leave the real work begins. They bo back to the market and formally order the items you want📋. They make sure providers deliver the right things and on time⏰. They check for quality and store the goods in their warehouse🔒. They pack and label your products🏷. They ship to Amazon using the best freight forwarder they can find📦. How cool is that? A 2% commission fee is a bargain. In total, we are preparing 60 new products with them. They even helped me find shoes with little lights on them, something I wanted to have for a long time because of reasons 😁.

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Rest is trust. Rest is faith.

I’ve said it several times before and I will say it one more time – I feel completely blessed. I am traveling the world and enjoying the best this planet has to offer. The grace of God is with me and everything I do seems to prosper. How is this possible? There are several different reasons at play, but one of them is that I apply God’s principles of prosperity in my life, – and today I’d like to write about the importance of resting on Sundays.

It may seem like a normal thing to say, – to rest on Sundays. Normally people just work five days a week, right? That was not my case at my last job, where I used to be available 24/7 and even though I was not physically in the office on weekends I was still thinking of new strategies to implement, always being stressed, always on call.

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The bible says that God finished all his work in six days, and then rested the seventh. Strange thing, because God does not have to rest. He does not get tired or need to take breaks. I believe God made this day so that we could rest. This is a day where we can hang out with Him. This is a day where we can be with our family, and enjoy everything He has done. Here is what the Bible says about it (Deuteronomy 5:14) –

The seventh day is a Sabbath for the Lord your God. You are not to do any work—neither you, your children, your male and female servants, your oxen and donkeys, nor any of your livestock—as well as any of the foreigners who live among you, so that your male and female servants may rest as you do.

It was very hard for me to follow this principle. I needed to feel productive. I was afraid to stop. “Maybe if I worked more days a week I would do better?” No, – I would do worse, and this is how most people work themselves to death.

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On this day, I don’t work at all. I don’t answer any work related calls or messages. I don’t think about it or even open the app to see how many sales I am making. On this day, I get to wake up late. I get to do exercise. I get to read a good book. I get to go snorkeling. I get to have a long lunch. I get to nap. I get to be quiet. And on that quietness there’s power. God speaks on the day of rest. 

Guatemala has amazing entrepreneurs, but it is my personal opinion that most of them are missing supernatural principles in their businesses. Everything is so much easier when you are blessed because what you are not able to do with your hands, – He is very easily able to do it with His. Your business will be able to perform much better in six blessed days than in seven days all by yourself. On this day, you will get renewed strength and ideas, and remember that while you are not working He is taking care of your business. He is taking care of your life.

A lot of people tell me they want to get closer to God but don’t know where to start. I would advise you to trust Him on this one, – because those who trust get surprised. Those who trust in God find power and discover a better provision. Those who trust Him are shown that He has control of your ship’s steering wheel, and the coolest thing is that because you trusted, He gives you double ✌🏻.

The Amazon document is almost ready. 📈📊

On my last post, I wrote that there is a secret sauce to this Amazon business and that I wanted to share it all, – for free. The reason behind this is that I would like everyone who has been inspired by what I am doing and intrigued by this new business model to be able to give it a try, while at the same time minimizing risk.

I asked for a volunteer to help me write everything down since there is a lot of material to cover. 8 people signed up for the job, – and we have been working together the past few weeks in making this document a reality. In fact, the document is over 45 pages long, almost the size of a small college thesis. It has pictures and everything in case you are feeling lazy to read it all 😁.

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Our team consist of a project manager, five transcribers, an editor and a graphic designer, all working after their normal activities to help make this a reality. We are just working on the final touches and it will be ready in no time. If you want to receive it straight to your inbox once it’s ready, click here.

A quick update to my own business. On my previous pos a month ago I uploaded a picture of my Amazon dashboard showing monthly revenue of $4,700, which is around $160 per day. I am happy to report that now I am generating an average of $500 per day on sales (revenue, not profit) just 3 months after having started. Two important things:

  1. Even though our sales are skyrocketing 🚀 we still have a very tight budget that we stick to. We do our best to find inexpensive places to eat and sleep because having more does not give you an excuse for mismanaging.
  2. This business is just a means, – not an end. This revenue stream will allow me to do what I really want to do later on.
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Yan2323, my first Chinese supplier. An unreal experience to meet her in real life.

We have a new member that recently joined our team, a full-time graphic designer that we are training to take the role of brand manager and oversee the brand creation process and listing optimization. 😁Welcome Analu, – and thanks for the trust 🙏🏻.

Paul, a normal guy with a big dream.

Entrepreneurship comes in all shapes and flavors, and sometimes the best dreams are not work-related at all. Paul Driessen is a new friend we met on China. He is from The Netherlands and has an ordinary job from 9-5 as an online marketeer.

He may sem like an ordinary guy, but there is something that makes him very special. Paul has a dream. The last year Paul has been travelling to one of the most remote countries of the world, – Tuvalu, – where he has been volunteering as a soccer coach.

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He has spent the last months volunteering as a soccer developer and helping organize the country’s national soccer team. His goal is to get Tuvalu to be recognized by FIFA, so that the country can enjoy the benefits of major financial support to pay coaches and create  professional facilities. Paul hopes this will in turn make people live a more healthy life because obesity is Tuvalu’s major Health problem. Here is a short documentary about his project:

Paul is a normal guy with an extraordinary mission. By donating his free time and effort he hopes to improve the future of an entire country, – and that is extremely admirable.

By the way, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Somewhere between college graduation and your second job a new voice enters your internal dialogue: be realistic and stop pretending. Life isn’t like the movies. Become an accountant or a lawyer, have babies and raise them to repeat the cycle².

Lots of people fall into this trap and eventually work themselves to death “I’ll just work until I have X dollars and then I’ll do what I want👆🏻“. The problem is that the X figure of dollars will increase indefinitely to avoid the fear-inducing uncertainty of finding what really inspires you.

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When most people think about being successful they aspire to be the boss instead of the employee, – they want to be in charge. I would like to propose to be neither the boss nor the employee, but the owner. And I also propose that you can do it right now.

Are you living the life you always wanted to? If not, what are you waiting for? Measure the cost of inaction and try to develop the most important habit of those who excel and enjoy doing so: taking action.

Nest stop: Jakarta and Sri Lanka 🇮🇩🇱🇰

China was a very productive trip. We found lots of new products, formed strong alliances and had lots of fun along the way doing so. Now the real work begins. We have 60 new products coming soon that need branding, packaging, pricing, marketing, and promoting, – but that does not mean we can’t have fun. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka before, and I’m pretty excited to travel there.

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Final thought: In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had phone calls with several people (friends and former strangers who now have since become friends) who have read this blog or heard what I have been doing and wanted to know more about it.

I have enjoyed every single one of those conversations and believe we have learned something from each other. If you are reading this and want to talk about anything, be it business, faith, travel tips, – anything, – send me an email and let’s have a call. I have time on my hands and I love to help out, – that is what I do.  👉 rodrigo@adventureandpurpose.com.

In the meantime, I’ll go check out some elephants.

Till the next time, be safe.

Stay tuned!

Rodrigo Blanco

šSteve Jobs was neither a theist nor an atheist. In his own words he was 50-50 about it. “I’m about fifty-fifty on believing in God” he said. “For most of my life, I’ve felt that there must be more to our existence that meets the eye.

²Being an accountant does not mean you are not following your dreams and passions. A dream has nothing to do with the job you have, and I believe you can still achieve all that you ever wanted and still work 9-5.

The most beautiful island in the world, pt. 2

Hey there!
 This is part 2/2 of my stay in the world’s most beautiful island. A lot of things have happened since I left Guatemala a couple of months ago to find my purpose, and I am excited to share some of them with you here today.

This is only my 4th post, and already more than 100 people have subscribed to the blog. And even though I only post something every few weeks, – people keep coming to it on a daily basis. Thank you. It means a lot to know you like what I am doing. If you have not subscribed yet and wish to do so, you can do it by clicking the link below.👇🏻

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This post will cover several topics including my Amazon FBA business that just became profitable💰, my personal opinion about the offerings you can make to God so that He gives you prosperity🙏🏻, a really sad story involving a puppy and two broken hearts💔, and me finding out what my purpose in life is😄. Let’s go!


Learning how to play guitar.

I’ve always wanted to play the guitar. I went to a couple of classes with my friend Juanjo when we were 15 years old, but nothing more. My mom once told me that I am not a musical person, – that I have no rythm. That has been one of the biggest traumas of my life (just kidding mom) :-).

I knew that learning to play an instrument takes time. And since time is something that I have a lot of right now, it seemed like a good time to give it a go. I had just finished reading a book called The Dip, by Seth Godin that explains that everything that is worth doing in life has a “Dip” which is like a valley of despair and frustration that you experience after the joy and easiness of the beginner levels fade away and your goal gets actually hard. If you manage to overcome the Dip, you win.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.46.11 PM

I read that when you want to learn something worth learning you only really have three options:

  1. You understand what it takes and know it is going to be hard. You consciosly decide to do it anyways and conquer your goal.
  2. You understand what it takes and know it is going to be hard. You decide it is not worth the trouble because you don’t want it that much anyways. You quit before you start.
  3. You do not realize that it is going to be hard , do not understand what it takes or underestimate the difficulty of your goal. You start and when it gets hard you get frustrated and quit halfway.

Option 1 and option 2 are perfectly fine. Option 3 is for losers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.50.50 PM

Tim Ferris wrote a great post about learning how to play the guitar quickly, focusing on minimizing boredom and maximizing fun. He helps you manage your expectations, and warns that you will feel clumsy and that your fingers will be sore. He wrote down something that I found extremely helpful when I wanted to quit:

“Justin Bieber taught himself to play guitar before he was 12. Yes, that’s right. That affeminate kid succesfully got through the same pain that you are feeling, and so has every other guitar player in the planet. You’re more than capable of pushing through.”

So I took on the challenge and practiced every day for a month. Our first performance ever was in church. Here is a Vine that shows Kylie’s awesome singing skills and my somehow mediocre but every-day-improving guitar mojo.

A friend suggested I try out Yousician, which is a great way to learn how to play guitar, drums and bass in a single app. If you ever played Guitar Hero, its the same thing, -only on real life. It is extremely cool, and I found myeslf going through the lessons in a breeze.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 1.09.09 PM

An update on my Amazon FBA business.

I reached an important milestone last week. My Amazon FBA business reached my personal break even point, – which means that I crossed the revenue and net profit threshold that would allow me to keep on traveling forever, – without having to spend a single cent of my savings.

This means that if I do not work at all (imagine the scenario where I disappear off the grid and have no Internet access for a complete month), I would keep on receiving enough passive income to pay for my flights, hotels, food and everything else. ⭐ ⭐ Without doing anything. Here is a screenshot of my Amazon dashboard:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.15.24 AM
A screenshot taken directly from my Amazon dashboard that shows my daily sales.

Achieving personal break even point has never been the goal, – I would like to make 100X this per month, – but it is an extremely valuable achievement nonetheless. It happened in less than 3 months from starting (my first sale happened on February 13, with it being a Thermos with the face of a panda purchased by my good friend Pablo Estrada).

We are really living in an extraordinary time. As Peter Diamandis explains in this Ted Talk, – we are living a world of abundance. I really like what he says at minute 6:30:

“When I think about creating abundance, its not about creating a life of luxury. Its about creating a life of possibility. Its about taking that which was scarce, and making it abundant. You see, scarticy is contextual, and technology is a resource-liberating force.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.00.02 AM

Think for a second about how we normally do business. We are always competing against each other. We are always trying to be better than someone else. We are always comparing ourselves to others. What if we simply worked to  be better than ourselves? What if our goal was to do better and be a better person this week than we were the week before?

It’s not about a problem about scarcity, it’s an issue of accessibility. And if you like what I have been doing, here are some good news for you:

There is a secret sauce and a secret formula for doing this type of business. You can quantify everything and use data to predict with certainty how to make money. Since I have a lot of time on my hands (and my financial future kind of depended on this), I achieved mastery in this business in less than a month.

I believe that I know almost everything there is to know about this business, – and I will share it all, for free, as soon as I can. I will do this because I would like everyone that believes what I believe and would like to try this to be able to do so. I am tremendously confident about my future, and I believe sharing is caring.

Click here to receive the PDF document in your email as soon as I finish it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.52.06 AM

PS: I am terribly bad at documenting things in an orderly manner, so I would like someone to help me out writing this document. If you want to learn this stuff directly from me, and get paid for doing so, shoot me an email and maybe we can write this manual together. More than 10 people have gotten into this business because they had read this blog. Let’s increase that number.

Offerings, transparency and good accounting.

One of the most criticized aspects of religion are the offerings made to churches by some of their members, – and I believe this criticism has some strong reasonings behind it.

People that have not exercised this honor yet and have not experienced this firsthand do not know how it truly works and the power behind it, – and therefore quickly catalog it as a fraud (as a quick side note, I thought the same a year ago). Here is an explanation I liked. 

What make offerings particularly interesting is that it is the only place in the Bible where God says “test me on this”. That is extremely powerful. It seems to me like a very good deal to give once and see what happens, even if just for curiosity. It doesn’t matter if you live in extreme poverty or have a billion dollars in the bank, 10% of your wealth still seems a small sum to be able to prove if God “exists” and to test whether what He says is true or not.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 1.21.51 PM

In fact, I don’t offer Him part of my income because someone told me so, – I do it because I tested it, and He got my back. The first time I gave an offering it was $300, and I literally got a check for $3,000 around 5 days later for a “bonus” that I was not expecting. That is a 10X return. The more I plant, the more I harvest. I do it gladly because I have come to see it as a cause-and-effect law. Just be sure to do it for the right reasons and not for the money-multiplier effect, – He knows your deepest thoughts and schemes. Also, if you don’t want to give it to a single person or church, you can spread it out, – in my experience it works the same.

Here is a quick summary of how I see it. You surrender your income by giving Him some of it (I like an even 10%, but would like to give more soon), acknowledging that everything you have and everything you own comes from Him. God sees your attitude and your gratitude receives your offerings and thinks: “Gee, thanks. I see that you get how this works. You understand that I am the owner and creator of everything, including all the gold and Euros and diamonds of the world. I see you understand that I can give wealth, health and happiness to whoever I want, whenever I want. Since you acknowledge this and Honor me, – since you are a good son and you have faith, – I choose to give you prosperity beyond your wildest imagination.” Simple. And I prefer to have 90% of my income blessed than a 100% not.

The criticism of the offerings come because God does not have a bank account number or a Paypal account (not that he needs any of your money anyway, it’s just a sign of honor ) – but men who serve Him do. And they use that money to work for the kingdom.


Anyways, this church in Port Barton gave us a complete financial breakdown of how they spend the offerings. The wife of the pastor explained to everyone attending that Sunday where the money has gone, the plans they had for the near future and even showed us a red pouch where they were holding the cash they still had at hand. I really liked it. Nothing fishy, nothing sketchy. Plain-good accounting.

I am skeptical that being this open would work in a bigger church. But I still liked it. That is good transparency and good management, and I am sure God likes it as well.

Cherry, our two-months old puppy.

😬I love puppies.😬 They are cute, clumsy and just the best thing ever. So we wanted to have one in our beach house. The pastor of the church gave us a female puppy he had, with the promise that we could return her to him if we left Philippines. It was the perfect deal, we were able to have a puppy for a couple of months and then give it back.

The pastor’s family had named her “Bitey” (in Tagalog language) because she used to bite everything all the time. We did not like that name, so we named her Cherry.

Cherry was a lovely puppy and followed us everywhere we went. We took care of her, bought her a pink bed, a leash, a collar, flea powder, flea shampoo, chewing toys, balls, treats and squeaky toys, – everything there exists for puppies. We were in love.


About four days after we got her, she started getting sick. She did not move or run so much as she did before, and slowly lost most her appetite. On the fifth day she had a seizure (as if it were some kind of epilepsy) and a day later the seizures were happening 5 times a day.

We took her that same day to the nearest vet, which is 3 hours away in Puerto Princesa. To our surprise, Cherry had this diseases:

  • Distemper (in Spanish moquillo)
  • Infection of some nasty kind
  • Worms in her intestines
  • A hernia in her belly
  • Low red cell count and overall horrible blood test results

We wanted to do anything we could to help her, -to save her, – but the distemper had caused permanent damage to her brain, and the vet advised us to put her to sleep, as she was suffering so much and would only become worse. We put Cherry to sleep just one week after we had her.😭😥


You know, sometimes I feel like a grown man. Travelling around the world, having my businesses, finding my purpose. But when my puppy died, I cried like a little boy. And you know who I called for comfort? My mom. I could not understand why this was happening to me, – and all I needed was my mom.

I wanted to share this sad story with you because it was something very hard for me. I do not want to use this space and your time only to talk about the good stuff. Sometimes life is great. Sometimes life sucks. I think everything happens for a reason. God has a perfect plan for everything, and all things come with a lesson to be learned, – even if I still do not know what the reason for this was.

I found my purpose!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

About a year ago I started thinking about this whole purpose thing. If you go back to my first post, you can see that I felt somehow empty. Even though I had everything I thought I wanted, I was missing a goal and an over-reaching purpose in my life.

In my search for answers, I took an online course taught by Simon Sinek called Start With Why. If you are not familiar with Simon’s work I highly recommend his Ted talk “How great leaders inspire action” and his 99u talk “Why leaders eat last”.

simon sinek

The course (which was in my personal opinion the best $100 bucks ever spent) promises to guide you through a process to help you identify and articulate your “Why”, – your own personal cause in life. Your mission.

The great thing about your “Why” is that it is not bound by the job that you do. It extends throughout all the aspects of your life including your family, friends, and love. It is a common denominator in everything that you do. I took this quote directly out of Simon’s book:

WHY: Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. When I say WHY, I don’t mean to make money-that’s a result. By WHY I mean what is your purpose, cause or belief? WHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?

My personal “Why” which I discovered at the end of the course is:

To inspire trust and reliability in the people around me so that they may achieve their individual goals in an extraordinary manner.😎

I love it. I even asked my designer to make me a wallpaper for my computer, so that I could always see it and be reminded of it every day.

Inspirar confianza y tranquilidad en las personas que me rodean para que puedan alcanzar sus objetivos individuales de una manera extraordinaria.

However, my “Why” was still missing one huge piece, which was the spiritual part. Even though I love my wallpaper and feel a deep personal connection with it, – I refused to steer my life’s direction and have my future guided by an online course.

Since I met God about 10 months ago and surrendered my life to Him, I knew there was something way bigger in storage for me. He would unite all the pieces. It’s just a matter of trust. And time. He will talk. So I waited. 📅

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 1.19.17 AM
God can talk to you anywhere. But if you are going to wait anyways, what better place than this?

Relaxing in the ocean in front of our house in Port Barton on a Thursday morning at around 11:15 A.M. – it suddenly hit me in the face like a bucket of ice. I knew at that moment how to encapsulate all my strengths into one single place. I knew for a fact this grand mission (that is going to make me want to get out of bed every morning excited and fulfilled) was mine for the taking, – I just have to make it happen. 😆😎🙃😅😝

It feels natural. It feels right. It is simple, powerful and achievable. By doing this I will create abundance for myself and many people around me. I will serve the entrepreneurial community. I will inspire others. And most important of all, – I will serve God. All in one swing. And the weird thing about this whole ordeal is that it has been right in front of me all along.

I’m not ready to explain just yet what it is. I don’t want to jynx it and have people influence me in any way. I do not want other people’s opinions on the matter and I will do it however I feel is the right way of doing it. I only have one boss, and He guides me.

They say success is 1% inspiration and 99% transpiration. Now it’s time to make this happen. I will build it. But I need money. Lots of money.

If only I had a way to create vast automated income without having to work…🤔

Next stop: Ghuangzhou, China.

My Amazon FBA business is doing well and just achieved profitability. Now I need to take it to the next level. Currently, my inventory has 4 different items. I figure I need at least 100.

We will travel Guangzhou, the People’s Republic of China, where the biggest international fair of commerce is held each year, – the mighty Canton Fair. We will search for new and profitable products, find new suppliers and eat as many dumplings as we can. 🍜🍚🍲


My friends tell me all the time that I look like a Chinese, so I’m sure I will do just fine blending in.. 

Do you believe what I believe?

They say that great leaders are able to inspire people to act. I have no publicist. I have had very little personal press coverage. If you believe what I believe, – if you share the ideas and values that I am proposing on this blog, – you can be part of this by helping me spread the word.

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You never know who may benefit from it.

Stay tuned.



The most beautiful island in the world pt.1

I am going to divide this blog post in 2 parts. The reason for that is that when I finished writing the first draft I wound up with an enormous post that no one would ever read. So I decided to chop it in a couple of parts to be easier to read and publish the next part in a week or so.

Lets do something before we start. When people tell me they enjoy my blog I sometimes ask them “Hey that’s cool, did you subscribe?” and they tell me that that no, because they don’t know how to do so. Lets try something different this time: click on the picture below to subscribe!


In the first blog post, I wrote that we felt drawn to Palawan Island in The Philippines as if guided by someone. And when I say someone it is because God is not something abstract and unreachable, but He is actually a living someone, who can do amazing things with your life if you actually let Him.

Getting here was a 48-hour odyssey. First, we took a flight from Dßsseldorf to Paris. Then another flight from Paris to China. Then a flight from China to Manila. From then another flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa. Then hopped in an 8-hour van ride from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. Then a 1-hour tricycle trip to El Nido to Nacpan.

Untitled design

The moment I first saw the ocean I felt completely at peace with myself. I knew in my heart that I was exactly where I needed to be. And even though I just made it through the longest trip of my life, it felt like I just believed Him and was instantly transmitted here in the blink of an eye.

I have in the last couple of weeks swam with turtles, attempted so surf, got stung by a jellyfish on the face, ate a complete grilled-squid and got my glasses stolen by a monkey. This place really looks like paradise on Earth.

Untitled design (1)

Ok. I came all the way here. Now what?

I came to Palawan because I believed Him. He spoke to me and told me to leave. He told me I was ready for the next phase in my life. I was hoping to maybe find a bunch of people in the airport holding a sign with my purpose written in it, but that was not the case.

The thing about Faith is that it has to be 100%. Anything less than a perfect score in the Faith department has a counter-effect on the blessings He wants to give you. I have learned by experience that Faith preceeds miracles.

I learned also that there is something quite powerful in putting God first in everything you do, – so that’s what we did to figure our next steps. How does it work? Well, before finding a house to live in, we went to find a church we liked.

We went to 4 different churches:

  • The first one we did not like so much.
  • The second one was pretty ok. We had dinner with the pastor.
  • The third one was terrible, something like a cult.
  • The fourth one was perfect.
Untitled design (1)
Some churches that we have attended. And yup, – that’s me preaching on the top one.

As a side note, I do not like many churches. A couple of them are pretty amazing, but most tend to over-complicate things, and in my brief experience here I have seen churches in The Philippines cause more separation inside a community than unity among their people.

This quote that I took directly from the book The Shack describes it well:

Again Jesus stopped. “Those who love me have come from every system that exists. They were Buddhists or Mormons, Baptists or Muslims; some are Democrats, some Republicans and many don’t vote or are not part of any Sunday morning or religious institutions. I have followers who were murderers and many who were self-righteous. Some are bankers and bookies, Americans and Iraqis, Jews and Palestinians. I have no desire to make them Christian, but I do want to join them in their transformation into sons and daughters of my Papa.”

Untitled design (1)

Being close to God is not about an institution, – it is about a personal relationship. Once you have an institution with a hierarchy in place, you need rules to protect and administer it. And then you need law and the enforcement of the rules, and you end up with some kind of chain of command that makes this type of personal relationship hard to achieve rather than promoting it.

I do like my new office a lot

In my last job I had a beautiful office with a great view in one of the best buildings in Guatemala. I can’t say that I have a job now (and happily so for the moment), but the office space around here is not bad at all.

Untitled design (1)

We read that the Internet in The Philippines was terrible, but we were able to purchase a decent package of 800mb/day and a personal hotspot that shoots Internet wherever we go. And just to be sure, we have three of them. Some nights we can even hunt down a pizza and stream Netflix in HD. 

After my last post a someone wrote asking me if he could help out in some of my new businesses as a way for him to learn what I am doing. I thought it was a pretty good idea, and today is actually his first day on the job. Shoot me an email if  you’d like to do the same!

Being guided by the Spirit of God.

What does this mean? When Jesus left this planet after being crucified, he left us with something very cool, – His Holy Spirit. It actually lives inside of the people who accept God as a Father, and in my opinion, could be compared with Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio, which is portrayed in the movie as a conscience.


An example of the way I experience it.

When we came to Port Barton a couple of weeks ago, the place was completely full. Everything was booked out. We went to 5 different hotels looking for a place to stay (while carrying our huge backpacks on the sand), but it seemed impossible to find something, – the receptionists told us that it was high season and the upcoming Holy Week.

I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds and just talked to Him “Father, please help me find a place to stay.” I opened my eyes and went to the beach again, to continue our search.

Just 10 meters away from us there was a German-looking guy, and I felt in my mind His voice telling me: “He has a place for you.” I went to talk to him, and it turned out he was the owner of a small property in front of the beach, – he just finished building two cottages and one just happened to be available for us.

We have a cottage for our own, in front of the beach, for a fraction of the price of what the other places were asking. This type of things happen all the time, every day.

Untitled design.jpg

If you believe God has the power to create universes and make up a complete race, then you have to believe he can (and will, if you ask nicely) find you a good deal for a hotel.

It also works the other way around.

If you are thinking of doing something but are not sure whether you should do it or not, you can ask him to “block” the path if it’s not good for you. Let me give you another example that happened recently.

Elon Musk, the world’s raddest man, recently unveiled the Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles. It is by far the coolest car in the world. And being the impulsive and person that I am, logically I wanted to buy one.

Untitled design

So I prayed and told Him “Father, I want to buy a Tesla. I know there are no charging stations in Guatemala, and there are also no mechanics who can fix it. And well you know, I don’t have the money right now to pay for it. But still, it is a pretty cool car and I want it. Please, if it’s a bad idea, prevent me from doing it.”

I went to the Tesla preorder page and wrote down my credit card details to pay the $1,000 reservation fee, and this happened:

  • The website did not have Guatemala listed on the drop-down menu of countries for me to write down my billing address, so I had to call my bank to give me a valid US address.
  • As the guy on the bank was about to give me the address in the US, the Skype called dropped. I ran out of Skype credit.
  • So I went to Skype to buy more credit, but the Internet was not working anymore because we spent the Internet on one SIM card. I changed SIM cards.
  • I bought the Skype credit.
  • I called the bank, they gave me the address, I tried the purchase and the guy told me “Sir, you can’t to this purchase, because you have $17.00 of balance due on your card, so until you pay $17.00 on one of our agencies, you can’t use that card for online purchases.

Untitled design (1)

Message received God, no Tesla right now. At least I got the message in time and He didn’t make my computer explode or something. I know he will help me have it (if I deserve it) soon enough.

And he sneaks up on you.

Sometimes He just leaves you messages or clues for you to find during your day. It’s pretty fun actually. Like the picture below, which shows a sign we found after walking  45 minutes away from our place. During the walk we were discussing purpose, and how He speaks to us and things like that. Then we see this written on a sign:

  • If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me. Deuteronomy 4:29.
  • Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4.
  • I am able to do more for you than you could possibly imagine. Ephesians 3:20.
  • I want to show you great and marvelous things. Jeremiah 33:3.
Try to read all the things the sign says!

Meeting some new friends along the way.

We have been able to strike nice friendships with lots of cool people during the last weeks, and I have found Phillipino people to be extremely warm, – many have opened their homes to us.

We have met lots of cool locals (An, Mama Cherry, Eden, Mercy) and internationals like us (Jan, Emma, Rich, Robocop, Serena, I’m talking about you guys). Serena is actually in the same God-purpose-seeking situation that I am, and had some good conversations about it. We might venture into something together later on.

It’s fun to meet so many new and wonderful people, but it sucks to say goodbye so soon, so often.

Back home in Guatemala, with my good pal Enrique, we like to make full Puzasos, – a traditional guatemalan meat similar to Sirloin Steak. In The Philippines people rarely eat cow meat, since they mostly eat pork and chicken.

Untitled design (1)

I wanted to make a special lunch for Sunday on Easter, so I rode inside a minivan 4 hours away to the nearest city (Puerto Princesa) to go to the market and get me some pieces of dead cow. Andy actually built a grill out of a broken window pane, and we cooked some delicious puyazo and drank wine with friends.

Could I be dead?

One night when it was completely dark we were walking on the beach. Not a single light or house was in sight. I looked up, and realized I’ve never seen so many stars in my life. What made things strange is that with every single step we made the floor lit up, as if we were stepping glow-in-the-dark paint, and you could actually see our trail of green footsteps under the starry night.

On several occasions, I asked Kylie “you know what, sometimes I have this feeling that somehow I died while doing something reckless some time ago. God is making me think that I am alive, brought me to this place and is just trolling me. Do you think it’s really possible?”

Untitled design

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Rodrigo Blanco


Footnote:  Google says the glowing is caused by Noctiluca, an unusually large dinoflagellate, visible to the nake eye (about 0.5 mm diameter), which feeds on phytoplankton and zooplankton. Like fireflies, these “creatures” exhibit bioluminescence and can be seen clearly with the naked eye. Cool stuff.

The days before the island.

It has been only three weeks since I left Guatemala to start this exciting new phase in my life. Somehow, I feel like it was yesterday. I want to share what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks, and also, write down some thoughts that have been crossing my mind lately.

First off, let me start by saying that I am grateful for everyone who subscribed to the blog and showed genuine interest in what I’m doing. It means a lot to have your support, and its crazy the amount of people that actually reached out to me wanting to know more about my trip. Even better, is that several people wanted to know more about the whole God / faith / spiritual part of this journey and wanted to hear more from my personal experience to be able to replicate it within their own lives. And that’s pretty cool.

I decided to write this blog to inspire people, and nothing more. It makes me happy to see it is going in the right direction, and that there are some people out there who are liking what I am doing.

The original article got 1,000 unique views on the day it was posted, followed by 700 the day after. One month later, people keep coming back to it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 8.33.45 PM
Daily unique visitors to this blog, without any type of advertisement.

If you read this and want to talk – about anything at all, don’t hesitate from reaching out.

Having a little fun in Europe before the Island.

Before going to Palawan I made a 3-week stop in Holland (The Netherlands) to meet my girlfriend’s family and friends. Great people. The food is delicious and the time there was amazing.

I got the chance to rest, sleep till late and relax, which I realized I haven’t done in a while due to lack of available time. I believe that alternating between periods of activity and rest is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle, but somehow I had been neglecting that for a while. In the last weeks we did this type of things:

Ate delicious Dutch food. Cycled through Amsterdam. Walked around Luxemburg. Played board games with the family in Horst. Drank delicious French wine. Climbed the Eiffel Tower. Ate all the Creme Brulee we could. Went to Disneyland (we could not see Mickey Mouse, though the pretentious mouse had a 45-minute waiting list).


Along the way we met a lot of different people including friends and family, friends we partied with in different cities, pastors of different churches we attended, and complete strangers randomly met on the street.

Sometimes we told them about our master plan, which basically consists of: going to live on an island, getting closer to the creator of the universe (with the goal of having an intimate one-on-one relationship with Him) and finding our purpose within His plans. You know, normal stuff that people do.

Everyone kept asking the same question:

“Are you nervous?”

I’m not nervous. I’m excited. I’m just going to have fun, do the right thing, and let the rest follow. I know what I want for my life, -and more important than that, what I don’t want for it. I know seen from experience that when you put Him as your priority, the planets align and things happen neither slow nor fast because His times are perfect.


What about work?

In money related stuff, I have been playing with new projects while keeping my time free to enjoy. I am convinced that I can generate a great income for myself without having to work 9 to 5 for my working lifetime of 50 years. That is a LONG time.

I refuse to be overworked and underjoyed. I will cut myself loose from the tentacles of workaholism. What I do with my time and what I do for money should be two completely different things.

To get me closer to that goal I started an Amazon FBA business, which basically consists of buying products from China (physical things like thermos, baby toys, accessories) and selling them for a 200% profit in the US market through the purchase of sponsored ads within the Amazon marketplace. I will not get into specifics right now since I will make a post about this once I’ve gathered more data.

I will share the complete secret sauce on this blog, for free, so that anyone else that wants to can replicate it.

I am also working on a couple of outsourced websites that could generate a decent income without having to operate them. This works by providing internet services to a specific niche, which (hopefully) will acquire them for something like $10 a piece, and can be massively advertised and sold via Facebook or Google ads in targeted territories worldwide.

This type of business models (with more to come) will allow me to go scuba diving in open waters, teaching entrepreneurship for free in a small school or simply relaxing on a beach all day long while I (and my partners in some of this different ventures) keep on turning a profit 24/7.

Deep Thouhgts 1

I do not want to be a millionaire.

What I want is to have the lifestyle that being a millionaire can give you.

  • Owning the freedom to do all the things you want to do.
  • Having the choice of being all the things you want to be.
  • With the time to do it, whenever and wherever you want to.

To enjoy your temporary life on this planet (yes, I do believe in an afterlife) you do not need fancy nonsense, but you do need to control your time. Living like a millionaire requires doing interesting things and not just owning enviable things.

I am excited for what’s to come. Most people choose unhappiness over uncertainty, and gladly, this time, it’s not my case.


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Rodrigo Blanco


I’m moving away for a little while. Here’s why.

It is only January 30 and I can say with certainty that it is already the most exciting year of my life. I quit my job and gave up financial stability, I am leaving the house where I happily live with my parents (and Pipo the dog) and will be without a car soon – when someone buys it.

Today I want to share with you the reason why I am leaving Guatemala and will go traveling for a while.

0aca2c599bd0e839d9fbf4ba414c5d8dIt all started on a Sunday afternoon a year and a half ago, laying in my bed watching TV after coming home at 3 AM from a party with my friends, when I thought to myself “well, I guess things are going pretty well.”

  • I have a great job
  • I have an amazing family
  • I have lots of good friends
  • I’m having lots of fun

Then, why do I feel so miserable? I should be feeling on top of the world, which I certainly do not. Isn’t there something more to life than this? At that moment, I realized that having more of the things just described would not make me feel any better and that I wanted to search and find something bigger than myself.


A little background on me: I have always thought of myself as being special. It is a stuck-up way of describing oneself and you may have your own opinion about it, but it does not make it any less true.

Things have always gone my way. I always passed grades at school without ever studying, I never got caught doing bad things (even though I should’ve), and life somehow always seems to shine on me. I always thought there were only two possibilities for this happening:

  1. I was having a very statistical one-in-a-million luck going on. Or I deserved everything that happens because I am smart and hard-working and was always in the right place at the right time.
  2. I was having a little help from “someone” who looked after me, for some mysterious reason.

Although raised Catholic, I was never one to go to church much. I went to mass when someone died or got married, but that was it. I always knew that God existed, but it was an abstract word, something so far away that could not be understood. I thought of Him as a mean old man with a white beard that would instantly judge you if you did something wrong.


Here comes the turning point.

About 9 months ago at an entrepreneurship event at University Francisco Marroquin, I met someone (who is now my good friend and mentor) with a particularly great faith. He gave a talk about building successful companies and shared with us his story, which is nothing short of amazing. What surprised me was that at the end of his talk, he acknowledged God as the provider of everything he had in his life. I was intrigued, and after the talk was over I approached him and asked everything I could about it.

We talked for some 20 minutes, and he told me that if I wanted, he could teach me how to find God in my life, and how to live in a supernatural way, the way he does. Needless to say, I was in.

I am not going to dwell too much on specifics right now as it would take more than a blog post to explain but feel free to write me if you want to know more about how I did it or how it happened.


About purpose and meaning.

First of all, I discovered that God is way different than I originally thought. I accepted Him into my life as a loving father and loyal friend, that wants the best for you and understands you completely. My life has since improved dramatically in lots of different ways, all for the better. Though I have learned about several different topics, today I will focus on purpose and direction in one’s life.

There are basically only two scenarios in which you can let God guide you throughout your life:

The first scenario is when you ask God to help you in your own stuff. A lawyer, for example, may ask God for help in an important case, or ask Him for more clients, or for help in a particular problem. This scenario is wanting God’s steps, in your own path (a path that the lawyer created for himself, because #yolo). There’s an incognito here. What if the purpose of that lawyer was to be a professor? How would his life have been different?

The second scenario (the one I have decided to take) is to find and follow God´s unique path for me. I am going to do the opposite of the example of the lawyer. I want to take my own steps, in God’s path.

I believe that when we are doing what we are supposed to do and are walking in His paths, things go better, faster, and more blessed. When you are doing the right thing for the right reason, everything falls into place. The doors open, and every obstacle can be overcome.


Taking a leap of faith.

It wasn´t easy to admit to myself that I wasn’t where I needed to be (as a side note, please know that “where” is not a location, since I believe that God can be found anywhere, anytime). It was even tougher to make the decision to leave in search for my purpose. However, I understand that is what faith is all about.

So, what is my purpose, my pre-determined path?

No idea đŸ˜…, but I am determined to find out. If I have an opinion on the matter, I’d like something having to do with robotics, DNA, space or something cool like that, – something that causes a huge impact – but I will leave that to Him. Whatever it will be, I am sure it will shake my heart and stir my soul, because I know His purpose for my life is way bigger than any purpose that I can find for myself. There are too many mediocre things in life, and this will not be one of them.

I am extremely thankful to lots of people for supporting me in this new phase, including my family, friends and partners (and specially an amazing business co-founder, to whom I am leaving the company we founded together, with great confidence). I love you all and will be forever grateful.

Where am I going to go?

I will travel to The Netherlands on February 13th, just in time to spend Valentine´s Day with my girlfriend. I want to get to know her country, and we will spend some days in Paris.

Afterwards, we will go to Manila and take a small airplane to an island in The Philippines, called Palawan. This island is not a random choice; we are somehow being drawn to that place.

El Nido, Palawan Island, Phillipines – (pretty cool place huh?)

Where are we going to live? What are we going to eat? Is there even Internet over there? Well, I think that doesn’t really matter at this point. Whether I find my purpose in a week or in five years it’s the same, I have Faith, and I have patience.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

Maybe you are in a similar position as I was, where you think that everything is just “OK” and you have everything your heart wants💰🚗💁. Let me tell you that it is actually pretty simple to find God. That you can find your purpose. That you too can go (if you want) to live on an island.

What’s next for me? 

I will post in this blog about several topics I’d like to explore over the next weeks. As the title of my blog suggests it will be focused on entrepreneurship and exploring new business ideas, finding my purpose in this world, and adventures I may find myself in while traveling. I will be back soon anyways, – since I am sure I will miss my mom, my beans, and my chiltepe.

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Stay tuned!

Rodrigo Blanco – January 30, 2,016