A Life Of Meaning for all đŸŒŸ

What if everyone could discover their own purpose in life?

Finding purpose in our lives is perhaps the greatest human quest. It is a recurring theme throughout our life, largely because our specific purposes may change – or at least be carried out differently – in varying stages of our lives. Exactly one year ago I left on an adventure to discover the purpose of my own life. I took a leap of faith, quit my job, and went away to a beautiful island in the Philippines, where I discovered my true purpose.

As a result of this adventure my life has drastically improved in every possible way. I now have financial freedom and a clearly articulated purpose. I learned that if you trust in God you can step into the full potential of who you are as a human being. I feel successful. I have everything I searched for and a personal level of satisfaction beyond what I thought possible. What’s the next step?


Purpose by itself is not a specific destination in time or space, but rather a state of being in which you are walking the path you were created to walk. Purpose by itself cannot be self-serving and cannot be articulated by our selfish desires but by the ability to love and consider others as more important than yourself. I believe our true purpose in life is to give our lives away to others, and that we receive happiness and meaningfulness in return. I now live to serve, and this brings me great fulfillment.

Important disclaimers before you read on! ⚠️

This will be my last post here. This blog has served its objective and now contains within it a great story to tell. A story that I enjoyed very much writing and that will serve as inspiration for many to come. My journey is divided in seven blog posts that took place in a single year. This is the order in which you should read them to live the adventure as it unfolded, chronologically.

  1. I’m moving away for a little while. Here’s why.
  2. The days before the island.
  3. The most beautiful island in the world, pt.1
  4. The most beautiful island in the world, pt. 2
  5. Closing deals in China
  6. Back home, starting a life of meaning
  7. A Life Of Meaning for all

This blog will be kept online forever, so if you feel like sharing it with someone else please do. I will continue with my vision of a better world on other avenues and know that you can always reach me directly at rodrigo@adventureandpurpose.com or through Facebook. I am not dissappearing, just giving closure to this website to focus my time on what you are about to read.

What is the purpose of MY life?

What you are about to read are my own beliefs. With the following paragraphs, I wish to openly share what I believe in rather than impose my own opinions onto others.

The purpose of every Christian is to glorify God. We were created according to his desire and our lives should be lived in such a way that we can accomplish the plan He has for us. More than a year ago I chose to lead a life of eternal honor and obedience to Him. However, the particular details of how I will accomplish that are entirely up to me. That is what free will is all about.


Putting the pieces together I understood that everything I lived on my journey didn’t happen for my own personal benefit but so that I could afterwards share it with everyone. This is what it’s all about. It was never about me.

My purpose is to guide as many people as I possibly can to achieve the same I did. My purpose consists on spreading a message of prosperity and abundance for everyone. To inspire those who believe the same that I believe to take action and to be a guide for those who don’t know yet what they believe, but yet are curious and eager for discovery. To be a light for others so that they can, through their individual journeys and in their own time, get to know Him the way that I did.

God gives special gifts and talents so that we can fulfill our purpose, but it is up to us to identify these gifts and make them stronger. Everyone has weaknesses, – especially me. I am impulsive, undecisive, chaotic, unorganized and impatient (and several others) but the trick consists on mainly focusing on your strengths and surrounding yourself with people who complement those weaknesses.

With the project we are revealing today I am happily putting back in God’s hands all the gifts and talents that he gave me in the first place.

Life Of Meaning – the FREE online platform for finding your individual purpose in life! 🌟

I envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by finding significance and purpose within their own journeys. I believe that everyone is entitled to be fulfilled by what they do, and I believe in a world of abundance. You can have the life you always dreamed of living, and I believe the Internet is the perfect tool for sharing this method.

Life Of Meaning (www.lifeofmeaning.com) is an online learning platform to teach anyone with an internet connection how to find meaning and purpose within their own lives. Think of it as platform very similar to “Duolingo”, with the main difference that while Duolingo teaches you new languages for free, – we teach you how to find the meaning of your life (also free of charge).


This new platform will be focused on three main courses, which can be taken together or independently from each other. Each part is divided into easy-to-follow steps so that they can be taken at any speed you want and anywhere you want.

Part # 1: Achieving financial freedom through e-commerce

People don’t really want to be millionaires. What they want is to experience what they believe only millions can buy. The vast majority of people will never find a job that can be an infinite source of fulfillment so that is not the goal here; to free time and automate income is. This part will provide a
 step-by-step blueprint for making money by selling your own products online, starting with Amazon’s marketplace and then expanding to other platforms. The goal of this part is to create freedom of time and place.


Life Of Meaning will not try to teach entrepreneurship, as I believe entrepreneurship can’t really be taught. A formula for teaching entrepreneurship cannot actually exist; since every innovation is unique by itself there is no possible way to teach how to be innovative. You can think out of the box and change the world later, but first, focus on putting your income on autopilot.

Part 2: Purpose and self-realization

Everyone has a deep desire to direct and steer their own lives, to expand their abilities, and to fill their lives with purpose. Are we contributing anything useful to this world, or just shuffling papers, banging on a keyboard, and coming home to a drunken existence on the weekends? We need our journey to mean something. We all want to escape the routine, the redundancy, the monotony of life


What is your cause? What is your belief? How do you envision the world around you? We need to focus on fulfilling our vision for the world. This part will teach you how to let your best qualities shine and experience meaningfulness through self-realization. 

Part 3: Personal relationship with God (Christ)

This part is for people wanting to deepen their connection to Christian spirituality, and interested in the benefits of living a blessed life close to Him. You will learn how to form an up-close and personal relationship with Christ and experience his power in your own life.


We know from science and psychology that people are unique. No one in the world is exactly like you. The fact that you exist is no accident and God was not forced to create you. He deliberately chose you and wants you to live joyfully, fulfilled, and close to Him. He knows His plans for you and is eager to reveal them if you were only to listen.

Uncovering your gifts and talents takes dedication and hard work. God’s gifts are freely given but it is our job to do the heavy lifting in order to identify and develop them. You will learn how to ask God to reveal His purpose for your life. And when you ask,  you will also learn how to listen to what He says.

The magic happens in the intersection! 🌟

Each of the three parts is important in its own, but all three are in fact deeply interconnected. There is tremendous overlap among them, and it’s in the intersection of them that exponential results can be achieved. Think of these three skills as a tripod upon which an extraordinary life is balanced. 
In my case, I discovered that a purpose-driven Christian with the money to fuel his vision of a better world is unstoppable.



Important disclaimer: This platform is being built on principles of faith, but you DO NOT need to be a Christian or share the same beliefs in order to participate. No part is mandatory, nothing is forced and everyone is welcome.

Meet the voyagers 😊🤔🤓😀🙂😝

How can a pensum for something as abstract as meaning be written? The first step was to prove that I could pass on my knowledge and experiences onto a few others so that they could be successful in their own journeys. We need to create a model that can be scaled infinitely without any human intervention.

Six entrepreneurs were chosen follow to step-by-step everything that I did on my personal journey with the goal of replicating it within their own lives. We are calling them the “voyagers”. * I first wrote they were our “guinea-pigs” but Mishel got really mad and made me change it 😂


For this model to be statistically accurate we needed to replicate the same conditions that I originally had, which are time, money and a drive.

Timeš. It took me six months to be generating enough passive income to have financial freedom. We hired our six voyagers away from their ordinary jobs and gave them a salary for six months so that they could be fully immersed in their individual journeys.

Money². I invested $10,000 from my personal assets in my business and I wanted them to have the same opportunity. I went fundraising and got each of them an investor, who wrote them each a check for $10,000 in exchange for equity in their new companies. The investors did not know in which voyager they were investing, and the voyagers did not know who their investor was (until later). I played cupid, matching them with personalities and backgrounds.

Drive³. The six voyagers were meticulously selected. This project needed individuals with a yearning desire to do great things, and a personality that could tolerate significant risk. These bold entrepreneurs see life for what it can be, rather than what it currently is. I made sure they came from different backgrounds, several age groups and different beliefs so that the data we collect through them along the way would be statistically significant.


What are we doing at the lab? ⚙📡🛠

We chose the name lab over “office” because it just sounds cooler. 😎

Our six voyagers are currently spending six months working full-time on their projects. They have been hired out from their ordinary jobs and will do this as their main activity.

They are not “learning” as a normal university would be, instead, they are having a hands-on approach on how to build their own businesses and discover their own purpose. Each of them will take those $10,000 and under my guidance³ develop their own brand, build their own line of products and bring them to market in record time.


Each voyager is living their own individual journey and we are there to document every moment of it. Think of these six months as a “reality show”, where the voyagers are the protagonists. We are taking pictures, audios, videos, screenshots, testimonials and more so that we can share it with the world afterwards.

Nothing will be sugar-coated. We are documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will tell the story exactly as it is, as it unfolds. Afterwards we will share their stories online using the Hero’s journey format which is an exciting way to tell a story. Check out this video that explains the Hero’s journey!

Maybe all six voyagers will be successful in their businesses or maybe some of them won’t. Maybe most will find their purpose and their path within God’s plan and maybe some of them won’t. And that’s perfect. In fact, as I have told them several times (and they don’t appreciate this too much), it would be good for some of them to fail so that the sample will feel like real life.

If one of them generates a great return of investment for their company, we will give details as to what made that particular business succeed. If another person loses money, we give insights into exactly what happened, so that others may learn from his mistakes and not trip over the same stone. After finishing the six months, we will have all the information required to build the platform and openly share with the world.


Timeline for the project: As of this writing (January 11th, 2017) we have been operating full-time for two months. Each voyager has chosen a brand name, a product line and designed 10 unique products to sell online. The investors’ money has already been spent. The products are currently being manufactured in China, and will begin to sell on Amazon in early March. The six months will finish on May. At that point, we will begin working on the platform.

How will everyone else learn all this?

We have divided every part into hundreds of easy-to-follow steps. The learning process will rely on gamification, which consists in making the learning process FUN through progress indicators and rewards when you complete a level or perform a challenge. Users will have access to leaderboards as well as bulletin boards should they wish to compete against each other, connect with like-minded people or ask for a lending hand if they are stuck on a level.


Users from around the world will be able to complete each step at their own rhythm and compare their own progress and results against the progress and results that each of the voyagers had at that same step, which will provide a human feel and sense of camaraderie. The goal is to make it feel as if the voyagers are actually guiding you through each step of your journey.

Launching this platform will be an ongoing process and not an event on its own. I want our efforts to endure, and doing so will require people all over the world to internalize our cause. I believe it is critically important for people to have access to this ever-expanding pool of knowledge, and therefore we will be disclosing all the channels on which this information will be available.


We chose the name Life Of Meaning because it has a tremendous potential to reach people all around the world. 15 Million people per month are looking on Google something in the tune of “what is the meaning of life”, “why am I here” “what is the purpose of all this?” Our goal is to be soon on the first results so that everyone can find the purpose of their own lives, – for free.

How will this platform make money?

It won’t. 
Life Of Meaning will be completely free, forever.

Most companies and organizations use sales and revenue as a sole metric for success when in reality there are much more important things to consider. This time around we will not focus on generating money but rather on making a difference. Instead of calculating revenue growth we will focus on the number of people whose lives we are able to impact.

How will the platform be able to operate without a revenue stream? We constantly meet people that have been inspired by our vision and are willing to lend us a hand, – whether by donation of funds for the development of the platform or providing us an asset we might need in a specific area. If you too wish to be a part of this movement, click here.


Why am I doing this? What’s in it for me?

One year ago I made a pact with God, and pacts can’t ever be broken. I promised that if He showed me the perfect path He had laid out for me and blessed it supernaturally, I would work for Him forever and put my entrepreneurial skills on His hands. He delivered, so I am doing the same.

Even though I am spending every waking hour in this project, I don’t get a salary or equity in the new companies. I don’t perceive comissions on sales or bonus for performance. I do all of this for free. I am doing what I preach can actually be done, which is to do something you really love for free because you are on the perfect path and the financial part is taken care of. In fact, it’s an honor to be able to lead this project.

Until very recently, the grand challenges of the world were off-limits to most. Historically, making an impact meant huge capital investment and infrastructure. Today, incredibly, the ability to play at large scale is not more than a few mouse clicks way. This unique opportunity should not be taken lightly and I believe this venture has a tremendous potential for doing good. This venture is going to be one of the most impactful things I do with my life. 

I am extremely thankful for the group of volunteers that came forward to help make this dream a reality. Life Of Meaning counts with an amazing team of mentors and advisors, creative directors, editorial experts, graphic designers and guest speakers from several industries, all whom have devoted their time and efforts to make this dream a reality without having any monetary gain. Thank you.

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me through this amazing journey. You know who you are, and my heart is forever grateful with all of you.

Talk soon,



šTime: It took me six months with a deep learning curve to achieve financial freedom. I lost money, got scammed, chose bad products, etc. The voyagers won’t fall into the same traps since I now can advise them better. They should, in fact, be at least twice as efficient as I was.
²Money: I know that it’s impossible to ask everyone to have $10K at hand to start. I am not saying this is a requirement but the reality of business is that you need money to make money. People with a lower (or higher) investment quota can extrapolate the results of having $10K to their own situation. We will also provide the necessary pitch decks and business model presentations so that people who don’t have the money by themselves can address the private market and raise their own funding.
³The voyagers have my undivided attention and full-time guidance so that they can minimize their risks of failure. I am helping them out for free, and do not hold equity in their companies nor will I receive any type of monetary remuneration.